Wearing and Caring for Contact Lenses.

Wearing and Caring for Contact Lenses.

Protein buildup and bacteria are a common problem with extended wear colored or corrective contact lenses. It is important to keep lenses clean using special care products and devices.

Regardless of the lens type, wash your hands with soap and water before touching them. Use a disinfector. Daily contact lenses do not require any special storage conditions but as for disposables, buy disinfecting solution, a case, and a pair of tweezers to take them out.

Step 1. Mechanical clean (removes protein and fat deposits from the lens)

1. Fill 2/3 of a container with multi-purpose cleaning solution

2. Take the lens out of your right eye and put it on the left palm

3. Put 3-4 droplets of solution on the lens

4. Rub your contact lenses with your fingers for 20 seconds (don’t rub it in circle as it can cause damage). Don’t forget to do this as it helps to get rid of 90% of impurities.

Step 2. Rinse lenses with fresh cleaning solution afterwards


Replace your contact lens and pincers case every month.

Clean the devices every day for the eyes not to be infected.

Step 3. Lens disinfection (provides for getting rid of microorganisms)

1. Put the lens into a respective container cell.

2. Repeat all the procedures with the other lens.

3. Make sure that fresh cleansing solution fully covers the lenses.

4. Keep your container tightly capped.

5. Leave them for at least 4 hours for complete disinfection (the disinfection time depends on the solution you use – check it in the instruction)

After the disinfection, you may put the contact lenses in without any further rinsing. After putting the lenses in, pour the solution out, clean the container and pour fresh solution in.